Brasserie Lefebvre Barbár Barbar Honey 0,33l üv. 8% - belgian honey ale

honey beer


8% honey ale

Barbar is a strong blond ale, infused with fairtrade honey. It pours a slightly hazy golden colour, with a generous white foam cap.

As soon as the cap is opened, the sweet aroma of honey comes forth. It is joined by orange citrus, coriander and a floral spiciness. The flavour delivers as expected. There is no missing the sweetness of the honey, which hints at caramel in combination with the malt body. It is balanced well by the soft spices and citrus flavours, and a slight floral quality.

Medium carbonation aids the smooth mouthfeel, and there is a mild peppery tingle. It covers the 8% alcohol very well, and makes for a most enjoyable ale.

The name Barbar is derived from 'barbarian', and harks back to the days when the honey mead was a drink referred to as the 'warrior's reward'. 

899 Ft
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